Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ideas for the project

Friday, 16 Febuary 2009

Workshop at Alexander Junior School

we visited Alexander primary school in Hounslow. We started off with playing games with them for an hour to get them comfortable with us and to build there confidence up.
we played a storytelling game where, they would have to get into a cirlcle and we would ask them these questions below:

1. if you were in a tribe what would you like to call yourselfs?

they came up with pink pathers, the RnB tribe, Cheese tribe and the waternithes.

2. what would you name your land?

Moonika was the voted answer of the land

3. Will there be kings or queens?

Queen with the RnB tribe.

Once we got the questioons and votes out of the way, we then split them up equally in 4 groups and decied to talk about each indivula tribe with them, for instance what type of clothes would we where, what type of food would we eat. and in the next seeion with them we would devolp this further by making the actual costumes.

I was successful in making the children feel comfortable enough to want to share their ideas or stories with me, the more i spoke to them with encouragement and put there ideas forward to the work the more they would open up to me.

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